Tuesday, July 6, 2010

THE BEST DAY EVER (Tied with getting married of course)

MAY 19, 2010.

Mason Dylan Cozzens was born! Kassidy struggled, fought, and clawed her way through the natural birth of our 10lb9oz baby boy throughout the day on the 18th and late into the night. Finally, about 10 minutes after midnight the boy popped out and the era of no sleep began.
I awoke in the wee hours of wednesday morning to the sight of my beautiful wife sitting contentedly next to me in bed with a notebook in hand, calmly writing down the time that each of her contractions started as well as the duration. Having lived through the pregnancy with her, I informed her that it probably wasn't contractions and she would take a huge poop later in the morning and they would go away. When I finally realized the baby was on its way,  I promptly scheduled several meetings and interviews for the coming day so I could leave Kassidy in her mother's capable hands to get through most of the day of pain and agony before heading to the hospital. When the timing was right and Kassidy couldn't stay home any longer, I rushed home and we headed out to Reston Hospital. We got there around 5 pm and went straight into the room to start having that baby. We were lucky to have 2 nurses who understood and fully supported Kassidy's desire to have the baby naturally (with no epidural and DEFINITELY no c-section). Kassidy wanted so badly to do it naturally that we had even skipped our final sonogram the week before so the doctor wouldn't know how big the baby was going to be and order a c-section!
During several of the most intensely agonizing hours of my life, I prayed pretty much constantly that Kassidy and the baby would be ok, and to thank Heavenly Father for putting me here on earth as a guy. I will leave out all the gory details and skip the the part where the baby came out, I cut the cord (spraying blood everywhere) and everybody finally left Kassidy, Mason and I alone to smile cheesily at each other and say how happy we were that he was finally here.

To be honest, he was kind of/really strange looking when he first came out, with a huge lumpy head and a really large fold on his brow.

 Fortunately everything smoothed out in the end, and as you will see in later posts, he is pretty good looking now, despite his dad's best efforts!

Well, we spent the rest of that night alternating between the euphoric bliss of simply looking at and holding our baby, and the inevitable fitfull dozing that came after staying up for 48 straight hours. We settled on a name late in the morning, and Mason Dylan Cozzens was officially here to make this world his playground.


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