Friday, April 16, 2010

Other stuff to catch up...

Ok also in our (online) absence, our baby boy has continued to grow (inside Kassidy's belly of course) and hopefully soon he will be ready to come chill with me! I am FREAKIN EXCITED! The whole pregnancy thing hasn't really seemed real for me until just recently. I know Kassidy has been ready for a long time, but I am just now realizing that we are gonna have a new little dude to love! Anyways, it has been tons of fun getting ready for him (except the whole barfing and pain stuff for kassidy). Luckily all I have had to deal with is mostly finding cool stuff for him. So here's what we've got so far.
Since we don't really have a lot of space for a crib right now, we decided to go with this moses basket and rocker. Hopefully it will work and he will like to me.

Also, his first pair of Jordans!!!!!!!

and of course some good clothes.....

Well that's all I've got for you guys for now! Hopefully this baby will come soon so we can teach him how to enjoy life on this earth to the fullest! We're still working on names, so any last minute suggestions will get at least passing consideration....


March, or should we just call that month Puerto Rico?

March was ridiculously amazing. For our postponed honeymoon/thebarexamisovercelebration, we got to go to Puerto Rico for a week. Man that was amazing. While it was still cold and rainy here in VA and in Utah, Kassidy and I packed our bags and flew first class to San Juan. I thought I would be happy just spending the week flying around in those first class seats, but I needed a tan so we got off the plane. Kassidy and I had both been to Puerto Rico before, so we had some idea what to expect, but let me just say, 26" rims on our taxi to the hotel took our breath away.
Well we got to the Conrad hotel right on the water and so began the best week of our lives. I will probably just let the pictures tell this story....



And that, was March. I'm sure some other stuff happened (like BYU's basketball excellence) but nothing else matters besides a beach like that!!


i am bad

ok everyone. i apologize. I officially stink at being a blogger. The thing is, judging by the delay in posting (it's been what, 4+ months since my last real post?!?) some of you might think I am super busy with no time to update you all on our latest ramblings, but nope, i don't even have a job!! I have no excuses. Only apologies, as I know that so many of you probably check this blog multiple times daily, salivating at the thought of a new KnJ blog post. I am deeply and sincerely sorry and I intend to strive to make things right.
Ok, WOW, I just looked and my last post was just after watching twilight, i mean that movie is on DVD already!! Well I guess I have a lot to catch up on.
As usual, the month of December was a blur (actually most of my life is a blur) but luckily there are distinctly clear moments I can recall and share with you. Like Christmas. I know there was a Christmas somewhere in there. I have NO idea what happened, but since it was Christmas I'm sure it was awesome.

 New years too. Oh actually I do kinda remember new years! We went to Ashley Haddow's annual New Years party. It was pretty fun. Lots of games and great people. Highlight was definitely IHOP with Adam and Whitney, and Mark and KHadds. So that counts for the december/january update.
Moving on the February. Mmmmmmmm....let's see. Valentine's day? Oh and I took the bar exam. That was a BLAST.
March is when things finally get interesting again. Actually, March deserves its own post. Well, thanks for reading about 3 months of our lives in 32 seconds. I love you guys.