Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Now that it's 2011....

Ooops. I guess we were having so much fun since July that I forgot to post on the blog...
I'm sure that anybody who bothers to read this is probably on fb too, and I've been OK about updating that, so hopefully you have survived. Anyways, too much has happened in the last 4 months or so for me to write about everything, so I'll hit some highlights, accented with pictures. Plus, all you need to know (since this is the perfect world of blogging, where nothing ever goes wrong) is that my life is perfect, my wife is beautiful, and my kid is wonderful. All we do is sing, dance and poop rainbows. Right? JK. About the rainbows.

(Oh and I just realized the pics are all out of order, but in a effort to just get something up on this blog so I am motivated to start again, I don't care.)

We went camping. A lot. Mason loves camping.

We went to Utah in August. I like that place.

Mason kept getting more awesome

Like I said...utah in august. with a jeep. 

 awesomeness of mason kept increasing

 apple picking in the fall 

continued increase of excellence by the kid

we discovered BYU's 2031 football star.

mexico for christmas

blend of Mexico and Mason's b.a.-ness

we put him in my tie for cute pictures

mexico. mason. done.

christmas at the beach

not sure where the coolness comes from...

1st christmas (new years) at grandma's

oh we sailed and kayaked a lot this summer too.

just one more pic of the dude

moab trip

beauty in Moab

Well as you can see we have been busy since July. Not that that's a sufficient excuse for not updating. There's a bunch of stuff that I don't have pictures for right now. Like another Utah trip for Thanksgiving. And of course, the best possible event of 2010...Kassidy and I were sealed, together with Mason, in the DC temple on October 9, 2010. It has been a good few months.