Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Temporary Retirement...

If anybody actually reads this or expects frequent updates, I apologize. I like to read. I like football. I like my wife. I like to sit outside and look up at the sky. So writing this blog takes a backseat to many activities. BUT, here is the latest installment....
This past week was a fun one, full of family, friends, football, food, and flying kites. Kensie and Mitch (In case I have never clarified, Kensie is my wife Kassidy's sister, and Mitch is her new husband. I don't mean new, like he replaced an old one. I just mean that it is a recent marriage!) anyways they came out here to VA to get more presents...I mean have a wedding reception out here in VA so all the home friends and family could come congratulate them. There was a LOT of chocolate. I guess that's what happens when your wedding colors are green and brown. I suppose I should be thankful that they chose brown food and treats to serve instead of trays full of broccoli, spinach, and asparagus. Regardless, I now hate chocolate even more than before. But, it was nice having all of Kassidy's family together again for a while. We played some games, tried to see which newly married couple could gross out the younger brothers worse, told some stories and jokes, and essentially enjoyed life together. Also we watched new moon. I get it. Edward loves bella. Six-pack boy loves bella. And Bella REALLY wants Edward to kiss her. Good show.

Thanksgiving ROCKED. Me and Kassidy's little brothers got up at 6am to go to the 'hardcore players' turkey bowl an hour early. The swamp we played in made for some fun sliding around with a ball flying around somewhere in all the mess.

 After fully wearing ourselves out, we went back to the house to put up some lights, hang out, but mostly nap. Then...WE ATE. I can't even describe the eating. It was amazing. All the boys dressed up like Indians, wearing only loincloths and headdresses, and all the females wore pilgrim attire. After the meal we had a HUGE battle, which, despite the superior artillery in use by the pilgrims (girls) the indians won by utilizing their intellect and sneakiness. Kassidy and I hurried back home to meet Kassi, some girl out visiting cory. We ate some more.

Friday morning dawned VERY early, and we (now with my family) loaded up the bikes and kites and headed down for a cold season weekend at the Outer Banks. We got in friday afternoon and enjoyed a nice brisk walk to the end of the dock and back before bundling up inside against the whistling winds and watching a movie.

We got up early on Saturday and headed straight to the beach for some quality kite air-time. The breeze was a little light, but luckily one of our kites came with a dvd which helped us to hone our skills even in the light wind.

The storm a few weeks earlier had washed a lot of cool stuff up onto the beach in addition to wreaking havoc on most of the beach side gazebos and docks. We had a lot of fun jumping off busted up stairways and collecting ocean crap.

Sunday morning we went to church with the TINY beach branch and hustled home to fish and fly some more kites. Overall the weekend was amazing.

But, even without the beach, the kites, and the beautiful weather, the weekend would have been perfect. Why? Only one thing to say...  26-23. In case that reference is too obscure for you, allow me to illustrate...

Ok, my wife is harassing me to go to bed, so until next time...peace, love, and victory.



  1. JO!
    I found your blog through Christi.
    First of all, CONGRATS on getting married. I hear it's great...hehe.
    Second of all, gooooo Cougs.


  2. best. game. ever. even though I almost got trampled to death when we rushed the field. Miss you jo!

  3. Jo! Welcome to the blogosphere - glad to hear you and Kassi are having so much fun togeths. Your blog will inspire Ry to start contributing to our blog more often. We might be out there on the east coast for school, keep your ears tuned.

    Oh btw! Heard you guys are having a boy congrats!

  4. LOVE your blog!! you are quite the gifted little writer:)

  5. JO i love the blog! So glad you are enjoying life with your beautiful wife! you deserve that more then anyone!