Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The dreary details...

Well I just realized something. Most of my posts, I really just want to talk about the food I ate, but I have to describe the event/activity I was participating in to put the meal in context. This post is just about the everyday life of a couple deep in love, but I am writing it to let you guys know about the excellent cooking that's been going on at our house lately! We've been on rotating cooking assignments, and Pop's been trying out the cookbook that came with our new microwave, creating such delicacies as cashew chicken, swiss steak and stuffed peppers. Kassidy and I made Chicken Parm last night. And life is generally good.
The CA trip wore us out a little, so Kassidy and I skipped work on Monday. It had the potential of being a nice relaxing day, but we spent most of the evening in urgent care while they re-hydrated Kassidy with a couple IVs. Wednesday we went to the new TGR ski movie at Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse. It showcased some amazing skiers, but the format of the movie left us wanting.

Regardless, the skiing was inspirational and really got me excited about getting in shape and getting back out to Utah SOON. The funny part of the night came when Kassidy showed the bouncer her ID and he refused to let us in. I pleaded with him, telling him I could be her guardian since I am her husband, but apparently that doesn't fly. Finally, after a long, drawn-out discussion with the manager, he X-ed our hands and let us in. I love my wife.

Well, the weekend was laid back. We had planned to go camp again, but lost motivation when we woke up saturday still dead tired. We hung around the house and went over the Kassidy's family's home to watch the BYU game. It was a good football weekend, with BYU, TCU (hey they might as well win out and make the conference look good since we aren't doing it) and the Redskins all winning! I also got some perverse pleasure out of the Bengals victory over the Steelers, which is odd because I normally like the Steelers. Hmmm...
Church was good. Now we're both back to work. I substitute teach right now while I look for a real job, so it doesn't really count as work.
And that, is the life of Kassidy and Jo on a week when we don't go on any real adventures. Time to kick the trips back in gear so we get some good stories to tell I guess...

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