Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Small Disclaimer For Our First 'Small' Adventures...

Anybody who knows me is familiar with the traveling obsession with which my family is afflicted. Since I was young, I have been lucky enough to see, visit and experience some of the most amazing cultural, historical, and diverse locations on earth. South Africa, Hong Kong, Dubai, Puerto Rico and Egypt top the list of international destinations I have arrived at, and I have been fortunate enough to explore to beauty of almost every one of our United States. I bring my camera everywhere, but have almost no photos to show for my decades of travel. The few pictures I did bother to take are almost exclusively inanimate. Photos of astounding foliage, geological wonders, and scenery, but lacking any sign of a living soul within the boundaries of the viewfinder. My journeys were fun, but I was always content reviewing the pictures my sisters took of our family in these exotic locales. Reflecting upon this today I realize that it is because I didn't really care if I had memories of my travel partners. I live with my family, so I didn't need any photographic evidence of their existence, and the friends who occasionally accompanied us on these excursions were people I saw with sufficient consistency that I had no need to snap a pic of their faces. I was far more interested in the location than the company.
In the last month however, I have probably taken more pictures than in all the previous years of my life combined. And it's because I finally found a face I want to see ALL THE TIME! Kassidy is the most beautiful girl alive, and makes every picture better. I finally understand the concept of placing posing people in front of beautiful vistas, and I can see now how it adds to the beauty of the photo. Since my photography style has changed (along with my entire theory of life and love) in the last month, AND since this is a blog dedicated to the adventure team of both Kassidy and I, it is only fair that the ONLY adventures I chronicle on this blog belong to both of us, and take place from October 2, 2009 forward. My point in this rambling, nonsensical post is to explain that if you are looking to delve into the individual history/excursion training of Kassidy or Jo solo, you are out of luck. We are starting fresh. We are starting small. And we are loving every adventure we share, no matter how insignificant or simple it may seem!!


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