Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kalai Concert

Wednesday night rocked. Crust discovered that Kalai (one of the most talented, excellent musicians ever) was giving a FREE concert at Marymount University, about 20 minutes away! We all loaded up the soob and drove over. We got there, and the concert was set up in the cafeteria! Kalai was just chillin there working on some things, and waiting for us to be ready. There were literal 10-15 people there. It was the most intimate, cool, amazing concert experience I have ever had. And he is GOOD!!!!!!! He started off playing a little bit, then just broke into conversation with the (tiny) crowd. He was HILARIOUS! He was talking about immodest women and how he always liked to unwrap his christmas presents, and just everything was SO funny. I'd say a majority of the concert really was him just talking with us in the crowd and telling jokes. If you ever have the opportunity to go to his concerts, DO IT!!!!!


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